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Patient during an eye examination at the eye clinic
"Providing quality patient care for cataract, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration and all types of eye diseases."
Patients Appreciated

Making patients feel welcome and appreciated.
Service is our priority.

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New York Ophthalmology Associates - Providing quality eye care

We provide continued quality eye care to our patients. Making them feel welcome and appreciated.

Service is our priority. 

We continually strive for excellence with our comprehensive approach to quality eye care.

Learn more about your eyes.


Our Treatments

Eye Treatments

Tests and Consulting

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our Clinic

Welcome to our practice.

Please allow at least 2 hours for your initial visit.

Please bring the following:

  1. Your insurance card and a picture id
  2. Referral if your insurance requires
  3. List of all medications including all eye drops
  4. Current pharmacy
  5. Recent eye glasses
  6. List of all medical problems and surgeries
Use our Downloadable Patient Registration Forms to save time during your first office visit.

You Are In Good Hands…